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Industrial Design is in my heart

Over 50 years of experience as a mechanical designer.

As a senior in high school I realized that drafting was a strong talent of mine. Also, that designing things was a passion. Starting with house plans, I enrolled at University of Kentucky with Architecture as my major upon HS graduation.

My first drafting job was part time, while attending college, in a manufacturing plant. Mostly drawing fixture designs for molding clutch facings and brake pads. After awhile, I was given my first crack at a machine design project. That's all it took to change my major to Mechanical Engineering during my second year at UK.

Out of college and employed at GTE Sylvania Lighting was the beginning of my career. After 5 years there I started a machine design and build company along with 2 co-engineers. One mechanical the other electrical, and named the company Versa Tech Engineering. After 22 years the company was sold and the 3 of us went our separate ways.

EB Design, LLC was formed, as a sole proprietorship, in 2005. From this business, another company was formed in 2016, Toy Dolly-PS, LLC. Toy Dolly products are the result of my desire to have a trailer for my motorcycle that fit the bike and would not take over the garage. Could not find what I wanted on the market, so set out to design one!

Over the years, I've come up with other ideas for products and have helped others develop their products. The majority of projects are industrial machine design.

Eric S. Burka, Sr., Owner

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